Wednesday, January 05, 2005

aaargghhhh ... What? Year End Closing Again????

Arrgghhhhhh.Another closing for me.
Since I work here at my present company, I've been doing this closing stuff say for about 25 times. Imagine there was once,in year 2002, I closed 5 times.We, me and my team did goes %$^&*@##!!@@@ when we heard that we need to do another closing after just a month finish doing it.Just becoz, we want to change the new accounting period.And there is once because there will be a bought over.

I know there are companies who close every month.To us, normally, we will do, half yearly,interim and year end which will be audited.And when we close, we have to do lots and lots of stuff and the dateline, omg!!! every year, the HO will set the date early by a few days.Hmmm, are they testing me.

Well, I can be categorised as the 'closing' expert. hehe.
So, it will be a simple task for me.But noo. I tell you why.Our company policy is to reconcile the management figures against the accounts figure.So, every year, we, the accounts people will have to crack our head to figure out if the figure cannot be reconciled.That is when I will shout aaaaarrrggghhhh. Hmmm.

This is how my desk will look like during the closing...

Anyway, it is my job. I'm paid to do this.And I know I will get wiser just after solving problems.I will be sooo satisfied after the job is complete and reconciled.

I think its true, we are paid while we learn and still learning at our workplace.And I'm glad that I'm still here doing the things that I like although I still will scream when the closing time is getting nearer. hehe.


Blogger badrul said...

tolong jerit untuk kak aidid gak... aaaaaggghhhhhh!!! aagghhhhhhhh!!! agggghhhhhh!!!

nasib baik gak dulu masa kecik2 tak minat sangat matematik... muahahahaha.. nasib baik dulu citer2 nak jadik doktor ngan majistret... tak pikir pun nak jadik akauntan... mmuauahahhaaa...

anyway, selamat berclosing... and happy new year!!

05 January, 2005 23:11  
Blogger aidids said...

tu ler pasal badr.Dah terminat nak buat profession ni nak wat camner.err btw, takyah pandai sgt matematik pun leh jalan gak.Otak kena pandai pusing2. hehe n be creative.Must know how to answer the auditor dgn muka konfiden.
Tapikan sesibuk shay, sempat gak berblog bagai. huhu

Nape tak cita2 jadik penyanyi je ek dulu. Leh ada fan club.muahahahaha.

p.s tringat ari tu sembang2 psl cita2, yana ckp dia nak jadik peminat bila masa besar nanti.pastu apa lagi, kita org tergelaklah. Pastu dia ngan muka blur ckp, bih tu, ari tu umi ckp nak jadik peminat ajer.hehe

06 January, 2005 17:08  
Blogger waiem said...

slamats berclosinggg yach...byk nyer close...err bukan once a year ke? hmmm

13 January, 2005 16:53  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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