Monday, January 24, 2005


Miguel de Cervantes, author of DON QUIXOTE, wisely said, "Love not
what you are, but what you may become." The problem is ... we may not
be crazy about what we are, what we do or even where we're going, but
thinking of making that big change is overwhelming. Or scary!

If you are longing for something different, but you are a bit wary of
the next step, then consider this:

Life is like a performer on a trapeze. She swings back and forth. And
then she encounters another trapeze bar. It is swinging toward her and
it is empty. Now she has a decision to make. She may continue to hang
onto her present bar, or let go and grasp the new one. But she can't
do both! She can't hang onto the old and grasp the new with her other
hand. She HAS to decide which she wants!

If she chooses to let go of the past and grasp the future, she finds
herself suspended for a moment in mid-air. She has lost her security
and has yet to safely grasp the new bar. It is a risk! But a risk
worth taking, for the new bar will travel to new places and her life
will move forward.

You know what I'm talking about. You have let go of an old job in
order to take a new one. You may have to let go of an old relationship
before fitting a new one into your life. You have to let go of other
priorities on your time or money before grasping than new opportunity
you may want.

As Pumba (THE LION KING) says, "Ya gotta put your behind in your
past." Then you're ready for whatever comes next!

By Steve Goodier © 2005