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One man was annoyed at his sentimental wife's constant sniffling as
she watched a touching movie on the television. "For goodness' sake,"
he scolded, "why is it you cry about the imaginary woes of people
you've never met?"

"For the same reason you yell and scream when a man you don't know
scores a goal," she said.

That reason, of course, is that they identify with the person or the
event. The word "identify" originally comes from the Latin root
"idem," which means "same." When we identify with someone, we feel
the same sadness or ecstasy the other feels and we understand
another's plight.

There is no substitute for an ability to identify with others. One
woman wrote me a letter about how she acquired this valuable trait.
She said this:

"I was a registered nurse for quite a few years. I always thought of
myself as an empathetic person, somebody who was able to reach out and
understand what someone else was going through. Then I became a
patient when I was diagnosed with M.S. and realized I never really
knew the true meaning of the word "empathy." Unfortunately, it
sometimes has to be learned and not taught.

"I found out just how much even a smile means to someone who is sick
and so scared about what is happening in their life. [Because of
M.S.], I found out how much it means to have someone take a few
minutes and be friendly and just talk.... I hate the disease, but it
has taught me so much!"

This woman had worked compassionately and professionally for years,
but now there is a whole new dimension in her dealing with patients.
She identifies with them. She knows how they must feel and responds
differently. And she has become a better nurse (and person) because of

You may never treat hospital patients, but is there anyone in your
life who would not benefit from your ability to identify with their
pleasures and pains, their wild dreams and dashed hopes?

The ability to identify with others is a trait that, with practice,
can be learned. Employers and employees are valued more highly when
they possess it. Family and friends create more intimate relationships
when those bonds are built around an ability to truly identify with
one another.

Lord Chesterfield said, "You must look into people, as well as at
them." It is a rare friend who has cultivated the ability to clearly
see inside others and, thereby, identify with them. But it is a
necessary part of an effective and happy life.
This reading is found in Steve Goodier's popular book


Remember kita menangis everytime ada budak AF yang tersingkir setiap minggu.
And beriya2 pertahankan pelajar yang kita suka sampai ada yang bermasam muka bila pelajar favret kita di kutuk bagai. Erkkkk cam dejavu ajer. :D

And bila akak cerita berdegar-degar pasal kisah Pammi dan Raj, betapa berdebarnya nak tahu
idup ke mati si Raj yang dah berapa kali cheated death tu.

Pokoknya, memang kita terlalu senang di influencekan oleh watak or seseorang yang kita suka walaupun orang itu tidak ada sebarang connection pun dengan kita but than, that’s is the beauty of it and I’m luving it.

Idup Constantineeee. Opssss. ;)) gelak getik


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