Friday, May 06, 2005

An Evening with the TSC

I finally join the TSC (the storyteller club)watching 'Love Letter'.Award winning movie in 1995 by Shunji Iwai.

Thanks to Ted, I was in the list of 25 members who got the chance to join the club watching movies with Yasmin Ahmad

Image hosted by Photobucket.comTSC taking photo with Kak Min

This japanese movie reminds me of Winter Sonata.Well, it is about love. About the feeling which Watanabe Hiroku can't let go, even her fiance , Fujii Itsuki has passed away 2 years ago.

About Fujii Itsuka (A girl)who coincidently has the same name with Watanabe's fiance.Watanabe wants to know more about her ex fiance since Fujii and Fujii was in the same junior high school.From than, secret reveals which surprise not only Watanabe but Fujii herself.

During the 2 hours I feel that I was in the movie itself. I was in a totally different world.hmmmmm.

It was a good gathering, I wish I can join again watching 'talk to her'.And by the way, I only knows a few members that nite, me being first time there.I met eka,aliya, kekure,juliana,ted,jasmin,pet and the guys hoho, I still did know whose who.

Can't wait for the next screening.For those who interested to join just go and read
Yasmin Ahmad blog and participate in the comment.


Blogger waiem said...

nak join gak nanti :)

06 May, 2005 12:12  
Blogger aidids said...

jum jum. marilah kita ramai2 pergi tgk. :D

06 May, 2005 15:52  
Blogger kekure said...

comelnya muka saya...hehehe..ada rejeki jumpa lagi yek

12 May, 2005 17:25  
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