Friday, September 30, 2005


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Ok. Here we go. Finally everything is ready. U can see how tasty and crispy our selected homemade cookies are.

We have included another choice which is Punjut Serunding. Just RM17.00 Memang sedap sehingga tak terkata :D

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So what are you waiting for? Come and order already! Make your way to the official FCOK website or place your orders at Make sure you put in your name and contact number so it will be easy for us to contact you.

I would like to credit a few people who has help this project done.
Lin, Kefli's sister who comes out with the idea for our fan club activity and who introduce to the supplier of these lovely cookies.
Leo,who work together with us in ensuring it is done smoothly.
Lan,who comes out with such an awesome design.
Leen, (Wow those who helps surprisingly names starts with L :D) who helps with the wording
and finally,Shay, who comes out with the catchy tagline - Memang Sedap, Pastinya Praaapp..


Blogger shay said...

wahhh menarik2nya kueh2

oh..terharu ada nama :D *lap air mater*

kueh mana paling sedap akak? kalau ada gambar close up lagi bagus


04 October, 2005 13:41  

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