Tuesday, September 27, 2005



Hi everybody!

Guess what? We has carefully selected seven delectable, YUMMY, tasty, crispy (are you drooling already? Hehhe) Praaapp cookies for this coming Hari Raya. I tell you, not only they're yummy, they're *melt* in your mouth.

So, onwards, seven types of biskut raya from us to you.

BLACK MOUNTAIN ----------- RM25.00

PINEAPPLE TART ------------ RM25.00

LONDON ALMOND ------------ RM25.00

COCONUT ALMOND ---------- RM22.00

CHOCOLATE OATS ----------- RM22.00


BATANG BURUK ---------------- RM15.00

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The cookies are as per the photos. Yummy kan? But we will do something extra, just for you. The cookies will be exclusively packaged and labeled so you can even buy Praaapp cookies for corporate or personal gifts to your clients, family, friends and associates! Just to let you know, we also does hampers of Praaapp cookies.

So what are you waiting for? Come and order already! Make your way to the official F.C.O.K website or place your orders at praaapp@gmail.com. Make sure you put in your name and contact number so it will be easy for us to contact you.

That's not all. There will be a surprise in store for all purchasers. The more you buy, the higher the chances for you to *WIN* the surprise. What is it? Well…you'll just have to watch this space!

Further Info:

The cookies will be placed in nicely wrapped containers with our Praaapp label. The number of cookies will depend on the size of the cookies. Senang, cerita, semuat balang kueh ittew lah.

This is our approximation:

Pineapple Tart -50 pieces
Black Mountain - 100 pieces
Other cookies - 60 - 70 pieces (mengikut size cookies dan semuat balang)

Tunggu pengumuman selanjutnya for our SURPRISE Announcement!!! Specially for our friends who have ordered the cookies.

Praaapp always.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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28 September, 2005 13:49  
Blogger aidids said...

err anynomous ni, ingatkan nak order kueh 10 balang ker. muahahahahaha.

28 September, 2005 13:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

U buat sendiri ke kuih ni?

28 September, 2005 15:18  
Blogger Leen Ash Burn said...

pandai betul org ni tulis write-up tu kan heheheheheh

28 September, 2005 18:17  
Anonymous Rem said...

Wah.. jual kuih pula. Jelesnya! Orang kat Malaysia boleh la berpesta kuih menjelang ramadhan dan raya ni. Kita kat sini, berendam air mata. :(

Sedih tak boleh balik raya. Aidid, kena extend lagi sebulan. So, hujung November baru boleh balik. That's for good la. Nanti jumpa kat KL.

Kirim salam kat Amylea kalau jumpa dia lagi! :)

29 September, 2005 01:15  
Blogger aidids said...

Anynomous, tak, I pandai jual aje tak pandai buat kueh.*wink*

ye lah Leen, pandai tul lah org tu buat iklan ek.
erkk lupa nak kasi kredit.;)

Rem,selamat menyambut puasa di perantauan.Org kat sini will keep wondering how is it berpuasa di tempat org plak.

InsyaAllah klu jumpa Amylea lagi I sampaikan salam u plak. hehe

29 September, 2005 09:35  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's a great story. Waiting for more. »

05 February, 2007 17:47  

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