Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Amazing Race 8 - Family Edition

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This reality show has been my favourite since day 1 and still will be.

Besides watching the team struggling trying to win USD$1 Million Dollars, we also can see all places around the world and their culture.Its quite educating compare to fear factor!!!

Who can forget contestant like
Rob and Amber (the one from Survivor) who fight till the end,
the notorious racer in Amazing race 6,jonathan baker and his wife,victoria,
Flo with Zack in Am race 3 who can't stop complaining,
the oldest couple who got 4th place in Am race 7,Meredith and Gretchen and
Uchenna & Joyce who is short of US25 to pay the taxi fares when they are actually a few steps away from the final pit stop. Wooo my heart stop beating at that time coz I really wants this black couple to win badly since the rival is Rob and Amber.

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Rob and Amber

I think AM race 7 is quite entertaining and the final episod is so interesting that I have to stand in front of the tv while my children look at me strangely. haha.How can I forgot that moment.:D

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Uchenna & Joyce, youre team no 1

Well, Am race 6 is not bad also with contestant like Jonathan and Victoria!And how about Flo and Zach in AM race 3!.

Frankly speaking, we need people like them to make the show more interesting but in the end I always hope for the good guys to win the race.

What I learn from these show is that you got to be smart,positive,physically and mentally must be strong,don't loose hope easily and team work spirit. I don't like team who look down on others or even their own team members. Hey, the main reason they join the race is to win the USD1Million dollars. So, why all those quarrel!!

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AM Race 8 has change a bit where they comprise of 10 teams of which each team has four family members.I like Bransen and Gaghan family. I think everbody like Gaghan family. Too bad they were the 5th to be eliminated.Gaghan family comprise of a mother, a father and two sweet son and daughter. The daughter,Carissa,9 yrs old is not only the youngest contestant but smart too.

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The Winner of AM Race 8 - Family Edition

The final episod is not as suspend like AM Race 7. Weaver always lead and finally at the stadium everyone starts fair n square back. I imagine if the weavers cannot find the flight ticket.Its quite difficult and frustrating to look for a tickets in the big stadium. Mao high blood pressure.

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Bransen Family

I'm so happy Bransen family got into final together with Linz and Weaver family.I want Bransen to win coz they are such a good family(as what it shown) and they don't really boasted or look down at others.Too bad Linz got it first but it is pretty close.

Can't wait for next year Feb for the next Amazing Race.


Blogger rosnisa said...

kak...saya suker sgt linz menang...nasib baik bukan pamily weaver tu...yahooo...can't wait oso the amazing race 9...

28 December, 2005 15:19  
Blogger aidids said...

Akak nak bransen menang tapi takpe lah.Dia org yg 2nd n 3rd place bleh lawan balik kan and win a car. But I don't think it will be shown here.Silap2 rob n amber menang.

28 December, 2005 15:59  
Blogger Orgkampung said...

akak...saya suka zach yang cool tu..tak padan langsung ngan flo yang membebel je sepanjang-panjang..tapi tak sangka sungguh dorangleh menang....sib bek weaver family tak menang..kalau tak..hampeh...tak sabar gak nak tunggu next AM....selamat tahun baru KA...semoga ceria ditahun 2006 :)

29 December, 2005 10:29  
Blogger shay said...

hoho saya mmg nak bransen menang...linz menang pon takpe..as long as not the WEAVER...hehehe..

mmg saya peminat setia AR..apa pulak theme AR 9 nanti yach..tunggu!

29 December, 2005 10:56  
Blogger aidids said...

zack mmg mat kool. Tapi dia cuma kawan je ngan flo. Flo yg tetiba ajak dia join or zack yg ajak flo. Lupa dah. Tapi mmg geram tgk si flo asik nyek nyek aje keja dia sedangkan zack senyap je. tapi dia puas pujuk flo suh teruskan aje the race.

Berbaloipun. Dia org mmg tak sangka kan menang.One of the AM race episod that I like.

Tu arr Shay. Tak sabar nak tunggu Feb thn depan. Maybe dia org patut buat cam All Star ke or celebrity race ke ek.

29 December, 2005 15:21  

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