Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Motivation Tips

To begin with, we must always motivate ourself and be positive in whatever we do.

Of course we will always have doubt and it is easy to just drop the whole idea rather than have to think whether our plan is going to work or not and we have to go through many hurdles before or if we really do achieve our goal.

I faced many hurdles before, but surprisingly Alhamdulillah I still can be positive and did not loose hope in trying or making new plans in whatever I do in my life.

What I belief is you have the power. You can decide. Of course we need others and many outside factors to be considered. But you yourself can set it right. There is so many ways to handle things. we just have to keep on trying and never give up and be positive.

Need lots of reading too and get other people's opinion and again BE POSITIVE.

I have something to share with you.I found it while searching through the net. It is call Motivation 123 Idea kit."Over 70 Simple Tips & Techniques to Help You Live a Happier, More Successful Life"

Ok I list down 5 first.

1. Let Go of the Past
Before you can create a better future, you must let go of the pains in your past. Failing once does not mean you will fail forever. Learn from your history, but don't let it stand as an obstacle between you and your dreams.

2. Remember Success
Just as important as learning from and overcoming past failure is recalling past success. It doesn't matter who you are, you have succeeded at something at sometime in your past. Don't gloss over these moments. Use them to remind you that you can in fact achieve your goals.

Realize the Possibilities
It's possible. The dreams you hold in your heart but push to the back of your mind are within your reach. Accept the fact that you can create a better life. This will serve as the springboard of belief you need to succeed.

4. Dream the Big Dream
In order for dreams and desires to inspire you to action and achievement, they need to be big. If you don't get excited about what you have planned for the future, you will never find the inspiration you need to change your life. Powerful dreams can move the soul, and when you dream the big dream, you will be driven to make the compelling picture a tangible reality.

5. Thinking Your Way to Change
No matter how bad you want it to happen, change will never result from thinking alone - you must take action. The world is swimming in dreamers, but only those who act on their desires achieve truly remarkable results.


I started this new year with a BIG PROJECT in mind. So, doakan saya berjaya.Amin.


Blogger Orgkampung said...

aminkan untuk kak aidid juga...semoga success..dan jangan lupa tips yang selebihnya tu...nak lead happy and successful life jugak nih hehehehe

05 January, 2006 14:07  
Blogger aidids said...

no prob orgy.nanti post lagi 5. Ikut tau mana yang boleh. :D

Marilah kita sama-sama berjaya. Amin

05 January, 2006 15:22  
Blogger waiem said...

tambah dalam misi 2006 ;))

positif dengan apa yg terjadik masa lepas juga akan datang hehe

*sesama Amin*

05 January, 2006 19:31  
Anonymous kangmasanom said...

nice blog

06 January, 2006 05:41  
Blogger aidids said...

yezzer. Remember the past success dan yang pahitnya tetap di jadikan kenangan dan pedoman utk lebih berhati2 & be more better in the future.

Allah itu Maha Kaya.

Thks kangmasanom for dropping by.

06 January, 2006 10:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ello aidid....

if there was one thing i admire you most for, it would certainly be your optimism :) and the gud thing about it is that it rubs on to me...

i share yr sentiments about the 'hurdles' of life. No point in wallowing in self pity right?...last year ended miserably but the sun seems to shining this year...alhamdulillah...

i will pray for the success of your 'big project'..hee hee...insyaAllah...

gud luck my dear 'twin' ;P xxleoxx

06 January, 2006 23:53  
Blogger aidids said...

My dear twin,

I almost, infact I do cry reading your comment.

I'm glad that you share my opinion and lets do it better this year and the year after and after...

Like I said, Allah itu Maha kaya,pengasih dan pengampunan and all the good things.

We just do our part and hope for His blessing.InsyaAllah.

Take care my dear twin and be strong. ;)

07 January, 2006 18:16  

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